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Microsoft dropping support of PBXs through SBCs?

I saw this headline and thought it was big news. But Microsoft says it only affects a small number of customers? I suppose there are several types of Skype for Business installations:

  1. Full SFB with cloud everything and Microsoft is your carrier
  2. SFB using MS Outlook as your voicemail, but your own trunks to Telco (and maybe tie lines to a legacy PBX or two)
  3. SFB tied to your legacy PBX and legacy voicemail?

Aren’t all large SFB installations also connected to an SBC? Anyway, it looks like there are some channel partners willing to help. It’s funny to think of Microsoft’s voice solutions being so old that they’re dropping support of certain architectures.

Anyway, here’s the article from Redmond Channel Partners. It looks like a great opportunity for VARs to rekindle the discussions about Microsoft and voice services. I’m not really in this space, but I’d be curious to hear from any of you who are.

Thanks all!