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All telephone enthusiasts probably have an internal list of “Telephone Songs”. I keep such a list in my notes somewhere and have always planned to start a post for all of us to keep updated. There are tons of songs that mention the telephone, but we probably have an “I know it when I see it” attitude about telephone songs.

Anyway, imagine my excitement when I found these two posts from I took Spanish in High School, and somehow I found @historiatelefon on Twitter. I can muddle through the posts and always enjoy the photos. Anyway, here’s a blog posting about telefono en la musica. Many of these are non-English so it was a thrill to find them:

El teléfono en la música

El teléfono en la música (2)

Anyway, Let me know your favorite telephone songs. I’ll start a page someday.

Thanks and much telephone love to all!



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