Avaya System Manager – unable to login

There are many reasons for the login to fail on System Manager. Version 6.3.x seems better but this thing still feels like it’s built on a house of cards. Tonight I just found another reason and it was new to me so I want to tell you all about it.

Earlier today I tired to login and was confronted with this error


Some internal error has occurred in the service. Please contact the support team.

Guess who the support team is? Oh yeah, that’s us!

Well, I didn’t really know what to do and it was a Sunday so I figured I would reboot it. Now my System Manager is a virtual machine and I don’t have access to the VMWare console. But I was able to SSH into System Manager as admin. Then su and enter the root password. From there, I was able to issue a reboot command. It dropped my session, and then it never did come back to ping. So I contacted my VM team and they rebooted it. Once they did that, I was able to ping and SSH to it. But the web page said “This page has a redirect loop”. I knew it could take a long time to come back up, so I gave it a while. But no dice. I contemplated rebooting it again, but rather than that, I went through the “ask Ava” chat pages on support.avaya.com. I was hoping with such a specific error like “redirect loop” I would find something and sure enough, Ava pointed me to SOLN270630, which was exactly my problem. According to this page, the Postgres certificate had expired. Avaya provided the command to confirm it and the command to fix it. All I had to do was run that command and then restart jboss. Then wait. Don’t forget, it can take 15-20 minutes for the restart to finish. Don’t panic. Actually, I think you do have to panic. Three minutes after you start to panic it comes back up. Don’t forget to re-enable Geographic Redundancy!

root >openssl x509 -text -in /var/lib/pgsql/data/server.crt | grep "Not After"
 Not After : Oct 22 15:14:31 2015 GMT
root >/opt/Avaya/Postgres/*/utils/securePostgres.sh
Mon Oct 26 00:13:18 EDT 2015 : Restarting Postgres service...
Stopping postgresql service: [ OK ]
Starting postgresql service: Waiting for Postmaster PID file creation .
Waiting for Postmaster DB connection availability .
Starting postgresql service: [ OK ]
Mon Oct 26 00:13:21 EDT 2015 : Startup of Postgres done
root >service jboss restart
Perform cleanup ....
Stopping System Manager JBoss - PID: 6580
Stopped System Manager JBoss
Starting System Manager JBoss
Service started successfully - PID: 21296
root >

17 thoughts on “Avaya System Manager – unable to login

  1. catalin

    Since patch 3.14 seems a lot more stable, maybe it’s because on the OS side they switched from 5.x version to 6.x version, newer kernel etc it might been fixing some vm issues.

    1. roger Post author

      Good point – I agree that system manager has been much more stable in the last few years. I upgraded to 6.3 and wend virtual and everything was smooth sailing until the Postgres certificate expired, which caused a redirect loop. I just posted something about that. Interesting about the kernel. Nice tip. And thanks for reading!

  2. Eric

    Hello Roger,

    With the SMGR Webservice, I am unable to update the fields “Last Name” and “First Name” (Latin translation).

    I can add or change contact, but I can’t clear the whole contact list.

    Any ideas ?

    Thank you

    1. roger Post author

      Hmm, I can change mine. They’re filled in via javascript as soon as you tab out of the previous fields. I seem to remember something similar with an older version of SMGR (I’m now using 6.3.9), but I was able to use a different browser to change it. I don’t remember if it was IE or Chrome, but one of them worked.

  3. Eric

    Thank you Roger, but it’s not a problem with the user interface.
    It happens when I do it with the WebService of SMGR.

  4. suddenly

    Hello, Roger
    How can I get the root password of Avaya System Manager? I have the SSH access of cust, but after I use traceSM, the log files are located: /var/log/Avaya/trace/tracer_asset.log and this files need root access to read.

    Need help! Thank you

    1. roger Post author

      I think you login as cust, then ‘su root’ or ‘su sroot’ and use the default password from there. You can probably deduce it. Let me know if it doesn’t work and I’ll test it on my system.

  5. Andre Gronwald

    hi roger, i enjoy all your great articles and tricks about avaya.
    we have an issue with cust-password on session manager. several months ago we already had the issue that we couldn’t login anymore and i was able to recover it by booting into single user mode and do a passwd cust (sm7.0).
    this is not working anymore, althoug the password is updated (password tokens updated successfully) we still can’t login (neither by ssh nor console!).
    any idea?


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