no VNS resource administered

Here’s one of those times when I’m in the Avaya Communication Manager and I get an error. Happens to me all the time. What do you do when you get an error? Google it? Me too!

In my case, I wanted to see if I could get a report of packet loss from one of my network regions. Sure enough, there’s a packet loss report. You can perform this “list measurements” command:

list measurements ip voice-stats hourly pktloss 6

No VNS resource administered

Hmm, no VNS resource. So I type that into google with quotes and there are no results! How can there be no results? I opened a ticket with Avaya and their expert systems didn’t return anything either. Later I was looking through some documentation and I recalled that you sometimes have to tell Communication Manager what you want to measure. Sure enough, if you “change measured selection network region”, you can add the network regions you want monitored.

Now when I type “list measurements ip voice-stats hourly pkloss 6” I get an empty report. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have some stats. Do you ever wish you could automate this report? More on that later.

Thanks all!


5 thoughts on “no VNS resource administered

  1. ReggieB

    Hi, my colleague and I are trying to get the VPN phones (Avaya 9611,9630 and 4621) to renewcert and was wondering do you have any information on this subject. We have asked for assistance form Avaya and gotten no helpful information. Thanks

    1. roger Post author

      Sorry no – I have not had to deal with certs on these phones and I’m SO GRATEFUL. But I’m about to embark on a project to get some phones working over a Citrix VPN concentrator and I’ll post my progress here.

  2. Mark McAllister

    This looks like something I could use so I went into Network Region Measurement Selection and had all but two of my network regions already populated there. I ran the “list meas ip voice-stats hourly pktloss” on the network regions that were already entered but all I get is the column headers w/o any metrics. I tried several other variations of the list measurements command and all come up empty. What am I missing?


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