What happens if you try to “traceSM” when the Avaya Session Manager hasn’t fully booted?

If you try to “traceSM” before the Avaya session manager is completely booted up, you get this. But only when you “start” the trace.

The complete log files are located:
        SIP messages: /var/log/Avaya/trace/tracer_asset.log*
        Call Processing: /var/log/Avaya/trace/call_proc.log*
        PPM: /var/log/Avaya/trace/trace_ppm.log*
Error enabling SM100 trace.

Preparing SCRUCH network filter num SD address:0
Preparing SCRUSH network filter num SH address:0
*** in client update res=28 ***

[cust@nj-pbx-sm02 ~]$

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