Whew! Long time since last posting, but I’m still telecomming!

Hey All!

When I first set up RogerThePhoneGuy.com, I had no idea how easy it was to host WordPress on my own site. Fast forward through a crazy era of JollyRogerTelephone.com, and I finally got around to migrating this site to my servers at Digital Ocean.

I have a lot to share with you about the last couple years. I also have some amazing scripts and tips for you. Oh, and I took a “telecom research trip” this summer and learned a lot of interesting stuff that I cannot find anywhere else on the Internet. I’m looking forward to sharing that with you too.

Anyway, I hope all of you are enjoying your telephone systems! I love them all and I hope you do too! Stay tuned and I look forward to interacting with you soon.


9 thoughts on “Whew! Long time since last posting, but I’m still telecomming!

  1. Kashif Khan

    Hi! this is me KK and i’m sharing my experience with Avaya PBX Telephone System in Dubai. I’m really joyable about Avaya Telephone System and hope you are in future. This is very awesome. The company serve PBX System and really you will like this after uses. For further detail

  2. Chirag

    Hi Roger, Could you please help me on my below query been days since you were away so was waiting for you to come back.

    Hi All,

    I have general question to ask, Its been 7 years I working in Avaya platform mostly on Avaya CM, CMS and One X agent. I am looking forward to enhance my skill to prepare myself for the new industry changes. I would like to know what new products are coming in Avaya for the AI (Artificial Intelligence) as I am so much interested to learn and want to know how they will be implemented in real time scenarios in the Avaya Contact center. Is there any course or product name do you know so I can start learning.

    You help will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks & Regards

    1. roger Post author

      There should be a bunch of info from the Avaya Ignite event a couple months ago. Hopefully they’re posting videos of the presentations. Unfortunately for Avaya, Cisco seems to be taking over the world. I’ve made the jump myself, so my Avaya knowledge is getting a little stale.

  3. Herman

    Hi Roger I am a new babie on avaya and firmware integration can you kindly send me step by steps with examples how I can make avaya IP 9611G and 9630 change to sip so that I can use it to work on asterisk pbx

    1. roger Post author

      Hey Herman. That’s a great question. I can tell you at a high level for now, and hopefully I’ll have a chance to write up more detail later.
      1 – Post the firmware on your config server and modify the settings file to download it for your phone. I think I have a posting about this process.
      2 – Once the phone has loaded the SIP firmware, you can manually configure it to point to your Asterisk server, or you can have your config file online define it. The SIP firmware contains a sample config file where you can set the call server, ports, protocols, etc.
      3 – Add your Avaya phones to /etc/asterisk/sip.conf using one of many sample VoIP phone configs. You just need to set a username (in the brackets at the beginning of the section) and a secret. It would be helpful if these were “keypad friendly” since users will be entering the username and password using the 10-digit keypad. Be sure to “reload” in Asterisk (this does NOT affect service – you can reload any time and it will reload the config files only)
      4 – When the phone boots up, it’ll prompt for a username and password, and then attempt to log into Asterisk. If you are watching the Asterisk console, you’ll see these login attempts. You can “sip show peers” to see who is logged in.

      Naturally, there are several steps within the details there. I hope this helps you get started! I’m a little out of the Avaya world now.



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